Hairstyle for Every Occasion

A Casual Day-Out

A Crown Braid works as a perfect day look, wherein, the details of the braid in your crown area is absolutely visible to others. It makes for a pretty chic hairstyle to flaunt if you’re heading out to spend a chill afternoon with your bunch of crazies or stepping out for a coffee date. To up the beauty quotient of your hair, you can also curl the ends of your hair lightly so as to make them look like envious soft curls.




Brunch Look

For some reason, brunches give a very warm and lazy vibe to me. Which is why, when one has to get ready for a brunch, one tends to pick loose, flowy outfits, such as a plain white maxi dress with a perky cover-up or a flowy skirt in either floral or pastel. And what  does one do with their hair while heading out for a brunch? A bun or a top-knot? Well, ditch the usual and try this Upside-down Dutch Braid Bun for an epic brunch look. This hair-do will go perfectly well with your lazy brunch vibe.




Work Look

Because wearing a ponytail to office is too mainstream, here’s how you can amp up your work look. This is just the right hair-do to flaunt at your workplace and to avoid hair from coming on your face. Start braiding one side of your hair from the flicks that are usually falling on your face till the back. And you can either let the other side just be as it is or give them a little volume by curling them.





Bridal Hair

If you are the experimental child, then this hairstyle for your D-day ceremony is just apt. Yes, I am talking about a quirky Rose Bun. Style your hair in a rose bun with a beautiful netted dupatta as a cover up and see how gorgeous you look on your most special day. This hairstyle is just perfect for Indian wear. So, go ahead & be the best!





Party Hair

Parties are all about letting your hair loose, literally! Being at your comfy best is the only secret to enjoying a party to the fullest. So, the next time you’re going for a party, just go for spiral curls like these and see how you make heads turn with the most effortless hair-do.



Mehendi Look

Complete your vibrant Mehendi look with an easy-breezy Messy Braid. This hairstyle is the best way to avoid having any hair on your face while you have henna-filled hands. What more? You make a cool style statement too. If you’re going for an indo-western outfit for your Mehendi, then nothing like a messy braid!




What do you guys think about these hairstyles? Let me know in the comments section below.


Sri Lanka Travel Diary

All About My First Trip Abroad!

This has been long overdue & by long I mean a hiatus of 7 months after which I finally am putting my travel story up. The last 7 months have been exhilarating with a new job and a lot of travelling & no I’m not complaining at all. I took off for my first trip overseas at the age of 24, not to forget, completely sponsored by me. So, yes I’m very proud about that. And since I got back, that is, on the 17th of August, I’ve been waiting to write a blog post with complete details about my amazing trip. However, it is only now after 7 months that I’m finally putting down my trip into words.

To begin with, let me tell you, I happened to choose Sri Lanka as my first ‘out-of-India’ trip oh-so-randomnly. We were two of us travelling together so we obviously had to ensure safety and turned out that Lanka is indeed a very safe travel destination. After agreeing to disagree on a bazillion things, my friend and I gave our heads up to take all the booking procedure further. Since we booked a good 2 months in advance, we were lucky enough to get flight tickets at a pretty reasonable rate (17.5k return to be specific). Now, we had everything in place– tickets, visa, hotel bookings, itinerary. And all we hoped for was one helluva memorable journey.

Since we were going for 5 nights, 6 days, we wanted to cover the best that is to see in Sri Lanka. So, we shortlisted Nuwara Eliya, a serene hill station, Bentota, a beachbum’s paradise and Colombo, a shopaholic’s dream destination.

Our first stop from Colombo airport was Nuwara Eliya, the most beautiful place in Sri Lanka. As soon as we landed, we had a chauffeur-cum-tour guide named Isuru, a native of Sri Lanka, waiting to receive us. In our hearts, we only hoped Isuru would make this week-long stay easy and fun for us as he’d be with us throughout the trip. And honestly, having a non – cooperative chauffeur is a big, big turn-off. But Isuru was anything but non-cooperative. The best person to guide us in an unknown country.

On our way to Nuwara, which was a 5-6 hours drive, we stopped by at the Pinnawale Elephant Orphanage. At this orphanage, we witnessed a large number of elephants come in groups, bathe together and play around with each other. It is a sheer treat to the eyes. We spent a good 2 hours here, clicking pictures of these gentle giants and trying hard to pose as close to them as possible. The plan as per our itinerary was to reach Nuwara by noon and take a city tour post that. However, before coming to Sri Lanka, I’d obviously done a decent study of the place, and I’d heard how mesmerizing Lake Kandy in Kandy was, unfortunately, it wasn’t on our itinerary. But Isuru being the kind soul that he is, said that he would gift us the drive to Kandy. And truly, what a breathtaking sight it was. We’re so glad we didn’t miss out on Lake Kandy. Since we took a detour to Kandy, our reaching time to Nuwara increased.


Elephants bathing in the backdrop at Pinnawale Elephant Orphanage




Eye-candy Lake Kandy



Kandy Town be so beautiful

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

After driving through the ghats and the scenic tea gardens, we reached our beautiful hotel in Nuwara at around 6 PM. Since the journey from India to Nuwara Eliya had been long and tiring, we called it a day and planned to relax in our room for the rest of the evening. Our first day was pretty awesome. We were definitely looking forward to our second day in Nuwara Eliya.


Roadside stalls in Nuwara Eliya be so fancy



Our beautiful hotel in Nuwara Eliya

After a scrumptious breakfast the next morning, we were headed to what was called the New Zealand farm in Nuwara. Well, all I will say is that our jaws dropped when we reached this beautiful farm. I will let the pictures do all the talking here as words won’t do justice to describe the New Zealand farm. I knew that this was first of the many beautiful places there are to see in the world. After spending some time in and around the farm, we headed to the Hakgala Botanical Garden. Nature-lover or not, this beautiful garden will leave you spellbound. The pictures below are proof! We spent an hour or so admiring its beauty and later headed for a delicious lunch at Indian Summer. We filled ourselves with lip-smacking butter chicken with a stunning lakeview right ahead of us. Our evening plan was to put our adventure shoes on and participate in some water activities. Now since it was always so foggy in Nuwara, we were in two minds about the water sports. Nonetheless, we went ahead with it. Speed-boating looked like a lot of fun, and so we went ahead with it. It was scary, what with the boat cutting through the fog. But in all, a fun experience. And that’s how our 2 days in Nuwara came to an end.


Delicious fruit platter to start the day 


Enroute New Zealand Farm






Nuwara Eliya



At Hakgala Botanical Garden




Our next stop was Bentota. Nuwara to Bentota took us almost 7 hours. Have to mention this…driving on the roads of Sri Lanka is such a bliss. Our drive from Nuwara Eliya to Bentota was so beautiful and scenic, I never wanted it to end. Also, the song ‘Tu Hai Ke Nahi’ from the Bollywood film ‘Roy’ was shot on this very road. Coming back to Bentota, it was all about gold sand beaches and mouth-watering sea food. Our sea-facing hotel was all things amazing. Not to forget, the people are so warm and friendly, they make you feel like you belong there. You can try out a lot of water sports in Bentota and ofcourse the delicious sea-food is something you cannot miss out on. Bentota is also very famous for its leather. So, you could get your hands on their chic leather bags and shoes. I did! The roads of Bentota have tall palm trees all around. And this simply ups the beauty quotient of Bentota. The next day, we headed for a 2-hour boat safari along the Madhu River. It was absolutely mind blowing. Since Sri Lanka specializes in a lot of natural Ayurveda products, we got to watch live how Cinnamon Oil is made. The locals of Sri Lanka are experts in making these products at home. Since cinnamon has a number of health benefits, I obviously had to pick this homemade oil. We also visited a beautiful Buddhist temple & a famous Turtle Hatchery. Two days in Bentota passed too quickly.


On a bright sunny day in Bentota


Processed with Snapseed.


Ready for a boat safari along Madhu River


Mount Lavinia Hotel, Bentota

Our last stop was Colombo. Bentota to Colombo is hardly an hour away. Well, Colombo is a lot like Mumbai, but with better traffic rules and cleanliness. I was mighty impressed with the city’s infrastructure. Since our soul purpose in Colombo was shopping as we’d heard a lot about it, we directly headed to one of the most famous malls there called ‘House of Fashions‘. After spending a good 3 hours here, we then headed to another mall ‘Odel‘.


While city-touring in Colombo


Spotted a gorgeous chandelier at a theatre in Colombo







Though I’d say ‘House of Fashions’ is a better option. You could pick pretty floral crockery amongst other things from here. For amazing souvenirs, Lakshala is THE place to be. You will find all kinds of stunning souvenirs to give away in this artefacts store. So, first day in Colombo was all about shopping and the second day was reserved for city touring. It was more than a smooth journey for us and an experience to cherish for life. Afterall, it was my first ever trip abroad!

Review- Monsoon Menu at Light House Café, Worli

Because a regular menu throughout the year is too mainstream! It was a refreshing change to see Light House Café launch a seasonal menu for their customers. Yes, this pretty café at Worli now has a Monsoon Special menu, which has got everyday items with a twist. No, we are not kidding. When you taste the Pani Puri at Light House, you will know, this is not like the rest.

We went there on a rainy Sunday evening and were in for a pleasant surprise as we tried almost everything that was on their Monsoon Menu list. From the Pani Puri to the Fish Taco Bites, the lip-smacking food totally got us high. What more? Their presentation skills upped our curiosity levels so high that we were in awe of the entire concept throughout the evening. So, here’s what all you can expect to be on their Monsoon Menu:

Pani Puri comprised of puris accompanied with mung, peas, kala moti chana, beet root sweet chutney and tomato flavoured pani. Now that I’ve spoken about the ingredients, you will be stunned at how the dish was presented to us. The tomato flavored pani was served in a shot glass, whereas the puri, filled with all the ingredients was placed on top of it. How to eat: Inject the chutney in the puri with the given injection, eat the puri and drink the water from the shot glass. Not only was it delicious but the whole experience was so much fun. This one is a MUST try!

Before we stuffed all 5 pani puris, as was the portion, in our mouths, we were presented with another chaat, that is, Ragda Patties. Again, it wasn’t your regular Ragda Patties. The dish comprised of spicy mung dal stuffed potato balls served with dry Ragda and mint chutney. It was divine and this one was super filling.

Being hardcore non-vegetarians, we couldn’t wait to devour some chicken dishes from the menu. So, next on our table came Chicken Momos. Sadly, no twist here. Hehe. You can give Momos a miss if you’re looking to try something new and exciting.

Next came Chicken Nihari. It was a Hyderabadi style, hearty warm curried sauce served with chicken drumstick and naan bread. This was my favourite dish on the entire menu. The chicken was soft and simply melted in the mouth. The naan was something I’d never had before and being a Muslim, it’s not easy to like Moghlai dishes everywhere. But the Chicken Nihari at Light House Café gets a ten on ten.

It was now time to try some fish. So, next on our plate was Fish Taco Bites. The dish contained fresh Basa fish marinated in cilantro sauce served with Mexican beans salsa and cilantro mayonnaise on soft tacos. The fish was boneless and soft and went well with the taste of Tacos.

And, we were stuffed by now. But the chef insisted we try their Anda Gadbad which is actually on the Breakfast menu and a MUST-HAVE. Anda Gadbad was omelet stuffed with boiled egg kheema topped with spicy tomato gravy served with bread toast. This dish was so unique and we’re glad we tried it out on the chef’s recommendation.

So, we were wondering what Aniseed Chicken Pin Roll would be like. Hahaha! There was no stopping us!! So, Aniseed Chicken Pin Roll was next on our table! It was grilled chicken stuffed with dry herbed crusted ham, cheese and jalapenos. I think it was the perfect dish to end the evening. It was soft and creamy and superrrr heavy!

Under the cocktail menu, we tried the Grain Grappa and Itsy Bitsy. Once again, presentation of these drinks was so fascinating. The sweet and sour taste of these drinks totally made our evening!

You guys must go and try Light House Café’s Monsoon Menu before the rainy season ends and all you can do is regret later!

Time for some pictures now!!


Pani Puri with a twist


Ragda Patties


The lovely-lit bar



Anda Gadbad


Wall art at Light House Cafe be like…


With my main person


That Dainty Girl


Review-The Hole in the Wall Cafe

The Hole In The Wall Cafe: your ultimate destination for appetizing breakfast!


I’d regret big time, had I missed out on the opportunity of visiting The Hole In The Wall Cafe, situated in the hub of Bangalore city.

The last time I was in the city, visiting a friend,  I landed at this really cool cafe, best known for  their English breakfast. All of us being big time foodies, we all called for different types of English breakfast.

I called for traditional American breakfast that included a mix of diced hash browns, ham, chicken salami and sausage tossed with sauteed onion, capsicum and mushrooms topped with 2 fried eggs. If this was not enough, we also called for pancakes with nutella and waffles with chocolate sauce.



Sounds mouth-watering already?

After seeing the quantity of my traditional American breakfast, I knew I would have to skip lunch. Yes, it was that satiating, but delicious and how!

The taste of this yummy breakfast is sure to stay with me forever, till I find a place as good or even better than this, to make my morning a delightful one.

So, if you are heading to Bangalore and are an absolute foodie like me, then you MUST try out The Hole In The Wall Cafe.

Reasons to visit this cafe:
-To satisfy delectable food craving
-Reasonably priced
-Substantial quantity
-Impressive service

Reasons to give this cafe a miss:
-Cramped seating arrangements
-Getting a table on weekends would tend to get a little difficult

Verdict: If you are willing to sacrifice a bit for appetizing breakfast, then I suggest, you should definitely visit The Hole In The Wall Cafe!

4, 8th Main Road,
4th Block, Koramangala,


That Dainty Girl

Jaggery Water- All you need to beat the heat!


Hey guys,

We really need something to cool us down as the temperatures in the city are soaring and how! So, here’s something that will make you feel a lot better as we head out with the heat ball right above our heads:

Chia Seeds
Mint Leaves

Step 1: Boil jaggery in normal, pot water till it melts completely
Step 2: Cool it for 10-15 minutes
Step 3: Squeeze 3-4 lemon in the boiled jaggery water
Step 4: Let it cool for another half an hour
Step 5: Shake it well before serving
Step 6: Add chia seeds and mint leaves for better taste

Also guys, jaggery water has so many health benefits. It not only works as a terrific cooler in summers, but also, is effective in many other ways.

Jaggery is very good for the body, especially when mixed with water. It brings freshness and has a cooling effect on the body, especially in the scorching Summers!

Following are the major health benefits of jaggery:

  • Aids in digestion and reduces constipation
  • Natural sweetner and good source of nutrients
  • Cleans respiratory tracts, lungs, food pipe, stomach and intestine
  • Provides energy over an extended period of time
  • Palmyra jaggery with water has cooling effect on body during summers


That Dainty Girl

When I Discovered A Quieter Version Of Goa

A small temple town located in the Indian district of Karnataka, Gokarna is a less commercialized destination and a quieter version of Goa. 11 hours away from Mumbai, it is best to take a 4 PM or a 5 PM bus that will reach you next morning around 3 AM or 4 AM. Another commuting option is train. There are around 23 trains that stop at Gokarna Road station. But I’d suggest a bus to Gokarna is a way more comfortable option.

Since it is a small town, it is apt for a 3-day outing. A long weekend is more than enough to explore the whole of Gokarna. Since it is a center of pilgrimage, Gokarna attracts a lot of devotees. However, travel-junkies and the adventurous souls have off late discovered this place which is both tranquil and picturesque.

Gokarna is the IT place for trekkers as well as for beach-bums. All the beaches here give a very different vibe. The ones which are worth visiting and most talked about are Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Paradise Beach and Half Moon Beach.

The shacks at Kudle Beach offer great comfort along with delicious food. The schnitzel at Le Pizzeria Cafe at Kudle is a MUST-HAVE! Kudle attracts a lot of foreigners. There are resorts and small cottages right behind the beach area which makes it convenient and easy-to-reach.

Om Beach is the prettiest of all. Om beach is named so because it is shaped like the auspicious Om symbol. Om beach is the only naturally Om-shaped beach. The Namaste Cafe at Om is famous for its breakfast. You CANNOT return without trying out their chocolate banana pancakes. Well, we had brunch at this cafe and the food totally made our day. The cafe has a very lively atmosphere. You can chill there for hours with a perfect view right ahead of you. Also, getting a tattoo, be it temporary or permanent, at Om Beach, is a BAD idea. Speaking out of experience!

Paradise and Half Moon Beaches are smaller compared to the others. You need to take a boat ride from Om Beach to get there. These beaches are less crowded, so there is more peace. But unfortunately, there are no shacks or cafes to entertain you at Paradise and Half Moon.

Gokarna is your ultimate destination to unwind. The sunrise and sunset points are worth capturing. If you are a beach-bum, foodie, nature-lover and a water baby, then head to Gokarna, it is made just for you!


That Dainty Girl


Kudle Beach



Om Beach


Temple Town


Sunset at Gokarna Beach


View from our room


Shack at Kudle Beach

2015-03-10 08.28.01 1.jpg

Gokarna Beach view from our room


Sunset Point


Namaste Cafe at Om Beach

2015-03-10 08.29.52 1.jpg

Captured on the go


Om Beach

A Low-Down On The Most Wearable Ensembles Spotted At Lakme Fashion Week Summer 2016

A long Fashion Week has just come to an end and I’m going to bring you the most chic and wearable attires that were spotted at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer 2016. Since fashion shows are all about elaborate and bold outfits and ones that only look good on the ramp, there are also some which can be worn with much ease and comfort off the ramp. Being someone who follows trends religiously, here’s a lowdown on the ensembles I’d prefer wearing in my daily life too:


Ileana D’cruz walked the ramp for designer Rahul Mishra. She was a thorough treat to the eyes in a turquoise indo-fusion embellished attire.  We not only loved the silver detailing all over the attire, but also, the collar-neck concept. Such an outfit is apt for a wedding party. You can team some delicate hair accessories as there is no room for any other kind of jewellery here. You can finish the look with white pumps or I’d suggest even orange pumps would work well as they’d add quirkiness to your attire.


The gorgeous diva Kareena Kapoor Khan closed the show for ace designer Rohit Bal. She looked absolutely flawless on the ramp and Rohit could not have had a better showstopper than the beautiful begum for his show. Dressed in an embroidered skirt and full-sleeves blouse, Kareena has given many to-be brides out there a new take on wedding outfits.


Arjun Kapoor was the show-stopper for Manish Malhotra and boy he made us drool over him as he walked the ramp dressed in a chic ethnic attire. Arjun worked a navy blue kurta-patiala set with a silver jacket and blue dupatta. He finished his look with black formal shoes. Men, please take a note of how you can ditch the usual kurta-patiala for a more stylish look for your next traditional occasion.

Anita Dongre.jpg

Sonakshi Sinha closed the show for designer Anita Dongre. Dressed in a blue embroidered skirt with a white collar-neck blouse, the actress looked vibrant on the ramp. This Anita Dongre outfit looks so comfy and stylish, one can easily pull it off for a Sangeet or Mehendi ceremony. Team it with some statement jewelley, precisely a delicate maatha-patti and you’re good to go!


Here’s another one from Anita Dongre’s collection. This peach printed skirt and cape set is all you need for a summer wedding. Team it with a pretty head-gear or some quirky rings to accessorize this beautiful outfit. The model here is seen wearing a white bralette, but if you’re game for experimenting, you can even team your attire with a bright orange or a light blue bralette.


The handsome hunk Siddharth Malhotra walked the ramp for designer Kunal Rawal. The actor got all the girls swooning over him as he made an appearance in a stylish ethnic attire. He worked his straight-fit white pants with a creamish kurta and added a grey sleeveless jacket to finish his ethnic look. We think Sid could’ve experimented with his shoes. Some kind of traditional juttis would’ve complemented his outfit perfectly well.

Debashri Samanta.jpg

Designer Debashri Samanta too showcased her collection at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer 2016 and this blue printed number is our favourite from the lot. This indo-western outfit is so breezy and comfy that we cannot wait to get our hands on it. A perfect summer attire, MUST say! The model here has finished her look with a pair of traditional juttis but an alternative could be some solid color strappy flats. Color blocking in summers is always a great option!

Farah Sanjana.jpg

This one-shoulder white gown with embroidery details by Farah Sanjana is apt for a day look. You can team this pretty attire with some hot pink accessories and a pair of solid color stilettos. This year’s summer collection is giving us so much inspiration!


Gen Next’s take on white-on-white is absolutely stunning. This model works a pair of white skinnies with a white quirky tee and finishes the look with a blue box sling. This outfit is so classy, we can easily pull it off on a regular day.

Manish Malhotra.jpg

I’ve always been a big fan of Manish Malhotra’s collection. His prints and his idea of style is so peculiar and very hatke from the rest of the designers. And that’s what I love about him. This model here is wearing a Manish Malhotra saree. We love everything about this saree, from the mix of colors to the style of draping. Kudos to the ace designer for creating such unique designs.


Masaba Gupta has created a perfect beach-wear with this orange printed deep-plunging dress. The model here works this pretty outfit with fringe earrings and white wedges. What you could also do is team it with a floral headband and sport shoes for a more sporty look!

Monisha Jaising.jpg

Monisha Jaising has designed a perfect summer outfit for us. This model here is seen wearing a pretty pair of brown embroidered shorts that she works with a light-blue stripe shirt and finishes the look with white sport shoes. An alternative could be a white tank or an off-shoulder top in place of a blue strip shirt.


Payal Singhal showcased a very printastic collection at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer 2016. This model here shows us how to team a tube jumpsuit with a pretty cape with aplomb. We love the prints here. In place of the floral shoes, even a pair of black gladiators could have worked!

Payal Singhal.jpg

Here’s another one from Payal Singhal’s collection. This outfit is so apt for a day wedding. A blue embroidered crop-blouse teamed with a printed flowy skirt is such a perfect combination. We are totally in awe of Payal’s creation!

You can tell me your favourites from the Fashion Week gone by!

Note: All the pictures belong to Times Group



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Spoyl’t For Choice

I was introduced to Spoylapp sometime ago, and I think it is one of the well-constructed apps in the fashion arena today. You’ll be surprised to know when I tell you that Spoyl does not only cater to buyers but also sellers. Yes, you read that right! And this feature is what makes the app stand out from the rest.

Apart from giving a step-by-step guide on how to use the app, I will also tell you guys what has impressed me the most about this cool app after using it regularly for 2 months now.

To begin with, download the app, it is available on both Play Store as well as App Store. Once that is done, you will be asked to sign in. You can either sign up with Email or Facebook, whatever suits you. Now that you’re inside the app, all you want to do is learn and explore what it has to offer, right?


The Home Page will show you a random list of people’s listings of clothes, bags, belts, accessories and watches on Spoylapp. You can choose to follow them if you like their listings and wish to remain updated with what they’re bringing out from their closet.


Next, you can filter your search by clicking on the Browse Category Page. PS: Spoyl caters to both men and women.


If your purpose of joining Spoyl is to sell, then you must first go on the Sell Item page and then the process is too easy and self-explanatory for you to upload your listings. But before going onto the Sell Item Page, make sure you have pictures of the items that you wish to sell, ready. And Spoyl focuses on picture quality. The better your picture, the higher are the chances of the product getting sold at the earliest. Once Spoyl approves of your listing, only then will it be visible on your Spoyl profile.


The My Listings Page will have all your products that are on sale listed in order.


Spoylapp also allows you to negotiate with the seller. That’s when you make use of the Chat Box Page.

Coming onto the Spoyl Money Page, once your product has reached the buyer, Spoyl releases your funds within 36 hours which will reflect in your Spoyl Money. You can then opt for Cash Out, enter your bank account details and it’s done! Please note that since this is a platform to do business, Spoyl takes 15% of your profit.


Also, you need to be sure that the items you’re selling on Spoylapp have to be in wearable condition. But here too, Spoyl makes sure that the buyer is not being cheated by cross-checking the products.

Isn’t this the coolest and the easiest way to do some great business? We all have a set of clothes, accessories, etc which we have never worn or maybe worn just once or twice. If you wish to get rid of all such items in your closet, Spoylapp will come to your rescue. What more? You’re even earning by doing so!


What I like about Spoylapp:

  • The app is very easy to understand and use
  • Our problems are their priority. If you reach out to them regarding any issue, they make sure to solve it within 24 hours. All you have to do is mail them at
  • Their buying/selling method and procedure is hassle-free

What I dislike about Spoylapp:

  • The whole process starting from selling a product to receiving the amount is a tad slow. However, since they’re new, we don’t blame them for this drawback.

You can find me on Spoylapp by my name Fatema Habib


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Now Get A Homely Feel Even On Your Travel Expeditions Through Traveling Spoon

Traveling Spoon founders Stephanie Lawrence and Aashi Vel are working hard to fulfill travelers’ basic and most-demanding need, that is, food, across the globe. What if we tell you that a native host will await you on your next destination?

Yes, that’s exactly what Traveling Spoon provides. A traveler can now experience home-made authentic dishes of the place he/she is traveling to, simply by booking a spot at the host’s house. What more? Traveling spoon is not only fulfilling traveler’s needs but also the host’s need of showcasing their culinary skills and talent.

All you have to do is, visit their website and follow the steps to become a host for your country/city.

To book a private meal, either lunch or dinner, or even a cooking class with the world’s finest cooks, all you have to do is enter your travel destination on the website and look for hosts in that region. Follow the steps and you will end up enjoying a meal in the comfort of a home in an all-new place. Sounds exciting? Then apart from just booking your flight tickets the next time, also book your meals simultaneously, to make it a perfect trip that’ll be remembered for a lifetime and an experience you will cherish forever!

For all those interested in trying your hand at cooking on your travel expedition, Traveling Spoon lets you cook your own meal too. Doesn’t it seem like an excellent idea to learn to make some delicious authentic food with the locals? You not only take back a great experience along with you but also learn a few new dishes that can be recreated back home. A cooking class+meal is a very popular experience provided by none other than Traveling Spoon. The happiness of eating a meal cooked by one’s own hands in a different place altogether, is sure to boost your self-confidence!

Traveler Hailey shares her experience with Traveling Spoon: “We loved our cooking experience in Hanoi! Our host was gracious and fun. We enjoyed learning to make traditional Vietnamese dishes and are excited to share them with friends and family back in the States!”

Traveling Spoon destinations include India, China, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Malaysia, Mexico, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Nepal, Philippines, Taiwan, Turkey, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

All pictures belong to Traveling Spoon.

Visit their website for more:


That Dainty Girl


3_Cochin_Roshni George_Food8ResizedForWeb.jpg



Host Gitika Serves Authentic & Scrumptious Assamese Food

TravelingSpoon_Meal with Durga.jpg





What a Byline in a Leading Daily Feels Like!


My major achievement from my first job ever was getting a byline in Bombay Times. Always known to be a very filmy girl, I took up a job I knew I’d be good at. Yes, tracking down the extravagant lives of celebrities was something that interested me when I started off. And that’s how I managed to get my first interview with a celebrity published in India’s leading daily. Read on to know…

Nandita Das is alternate cinema’s poster girl, who works in few but quality projects. Her dedication and focus towards the betterment of the society gives her immense satisfaction and happiness. Her choice of projects have been offbeat and she has excelled in her work. A perfectionist in her own right, she is an inspiration for all women out there.

This was a big proud moment for me as it was my very first celeb interview to have got featured in Bombay Times and across all its editions. I’m glad my work allows me to earn such achievements.

If you’ve missed out the interview in the papers, then read it by simple clicking on the link below:


That Dainty Girl