Coming Home To Grandmama’s Cafe



Grandmama’s café stays true to its name. It gives a very homely vibe, what with the entrance adorned with white fences and brick walls. a huge green door leads us inside. From the ceiling to the floor, this café is all things charming and quirky. With most of the new joints these days focusing on coming up with a unique drinks menu, Grandmama’s excels in finger-licking food and beverages that will challenge your taste buds.

So, after satisfying ourselves with a 100 (or more) pretty photographs of this jaw-dropping beautiful café, we finally decided to place an order. We called for a mac & cheese pasta which was so creamy and filling, home style grilled chicken, served with steamed veggies and mash potatoes (a must-have for all chicken lovers) which was absolutely lip-smacking and oh, their chicken pesto pasta is to die for. We also tried their barbeque chicken pizza which was quite average compared to the pizzas I’ve had elsewhere. So, it’s okay to give pizzas a miss at Grandmama’s café. Moving on to beverages, we called for hazelnut frappe that was served in a huge glass and am not pretty sure if a person alone can finish that. Nonetheless, it was better than any of those frappes served at a café coffee day or a barista. Lo and behold, Grandmama’s serves the best hot chocolate ever. You simply have to try their hot chocolate which is bound to give you a sugar high. To complete our meal, we ordered waffles with nutella and we hereby announce that Grandmama’s café has joined the list of best waffle joints served in South Mumbai.

What we heart:

  • the finger-licking food
  • perfect ambiance for a family/friends outing
  • quick service
  • rightly priced (affordable- 650 for 2)


What disheartened us:

  • small portions

PS: This is Grandmama’s new outlet at Kamla Mills in Lower Parel. They also have one outlet in Dadar.


That Dainty Girl




Hot chocolate to die for


Decor Goals



Coolers to beat the heat


The fanciest check holder ever


Ignore the fake smile, admire the beauty in the backdrop


Taking creativity a notch higher


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