Retail Therapy


PS: This article is straight from a shopaholic’s heart!

It’s weird how we always need someone to accompany us when we want to indulge in some retail therapy. But have you ever tried shopping alone? With nobody hovering over your head? Most people are hesitant to do so but I think you should try this out for once! It is the best feeling in the world. Shopping all by yourself redefines freedom.
Here are some major perks of shopping by yourself:

  • Less Distraction: It is quite obvious that the person accompanying you has also made up his/her mind to indulge in some retail therapy. Now, how are you supposed to concentrate on your own shopping when you have someone constantly asking you for your suggestions? For example: How does this look on me? Does this dress make me look fat/slim? Will this top suit me? Is the color of this outfit going with my complexion? Pffff… Imagine when you have no one to ask you unending questions while you’re shopping! Isn’t that a BIG relief? Think about it.
  • No insecurity: There are times when you and your shopping partner will tend to spot the same item (clothes, jewellery, bag, belt, shoes), which is also, unfortunately, the last piece left, and none of you’ll are willing to let go of it. Then what? To not let such situations crop up, shopping alone seems to be the best way out.
  • Take your own sweet time: When you don’t have to adjust to somebody else’s schedule, nothing like it. And this is possible only when you have nobody along with you on your shopping trip. You have all the time to decide and select what you wish to buy or wish to let go. Shop at your own pace, shop alone!
  • Bargain like a boss: This point is valid only when you’re street shopping. Just when you are in the process of convincing the shopkeeper to sell the item at your price, you happen to hear a voice from behind. And that is your shopping partner, who makes you splurge more than you wish to. Urrggh! That’s why, do not take anybody along for shopping and you will get your favorite items at your price.
  • It boosts your self-confidence: Trust me, shopping all by yourself gives a high. You feel pumped up from within and that’s when you also happen to make the right choices. When you have somebody along, you will sometimes tend to buy stuff halfheartedly because they like it on you but you don’t.
  • Splurge according to your own budget: At times, we only want to prove to others that we are capable of buying expensive clothes/bags/accessories. But if you shop alone, you are your own boss. You will have nothing to prove to anybody, and, in fact, you can save a lot that way.
  • No judging business: If you go shopping alone, there won’t be anybody to judge your choice. Be picky, be selective, it is all okay. You are your own critique and nobody better than you can tell you what suits your body type. So, if you are not looking for unwanted suggestions, then shop alone!
  • Shop till you drop: You can shop till you drop, literally, if you’re all alone. You don’t have to worry about someone else being troubled because shopping is YOUR priority. There will be no one to crib around you and that’s exactly what you need while shopping. PEACE!!

Let me know what’s your take on this in the comments section.

That Dainty Girl


3 thoughts on “Retail Therapy

  1. Soph says:

    I LOVE shopping by myself. Honestly, I really don’t like shopping with friends at all. I can get it all done really quick whereas they take their time. I love shopping with my mum though, she’s the best shopping partner there is so whenever I get to see her I enjoy it 🙂 Great post 🙂


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