Sunset Tales

Sun Sets But We Rise!

There is more to a sunset than what meets the eye. Here’s what I think when I encounter a breathtaking sunset:

Sunsets are very powerful. Is it because people expect a lot out of a new day? Or is it because they are happy about a bad day finally coming to an end?

I think sunsets are not only beautiful but they also add a lot of meaning to your life. When you experience a sunset, there are many different thoughts that make their way into your mind. That’s when our whole life flashes in front of us. And weirdly, even people who we have detached ourselves from, feature in this short film called ‘life, while watching a sunset’. That’s when you realize that you can never completely delete a person from your memory. Though they are less spoken or thought of, they are there, somewhere. i don’t know if it’s only me or others feel the same way too.

However, the sun sets every day, it has to. But we humans are just the opposite. We cannot settle in one place for a longer time. We constantly need change in our lives. In the process of bringing about that change, we tend to fail at times. But then just like how the sun finds its way to rise every morning, we too ultimately rise to victory. The time between sunset and sunrise is your struggle from falling to rising, if you know what i mean.

Inspiration comes from someone or something that totally blows our minds away. Sunsets are a peaceful form of inspiration for us. It is upto us on how we make use of that one special moment in the whole day.

Just how a beautiful sunset can get you to think so deep!

Feel free to share your thoughts on the same in the comments section below!

PS: The sunset picture was clicked in Gokarna!

That Dainty Girl


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