When I Discovered A Quieter Version Of Goa

A small temple town located in the Indian district of Karnataka, Gokarna is a less commercialized destination and a quieter version of Goa. 11 hours away from Mumbai, it is best to take a 4 PM or a 5 PM bus that will reach you next morning around 3 AM or 4 AM. Another commuting option is train. There are around 23 trains that stop at Gokarna Road station. But I’d suggest a bus to Gokarna is a way more comfortable option.

Since it is a small town, it is apt for a 3-day outing. A long weekend is more than enough to explore the whole of Gokarna. Since it is a center of pilgrimage, Gokarna attracts a lot of devotees. However, travel-junkies and the adventurous souls have off late discovered this place which is both tranquil and picturesque.

Gokarna is the IT place for trekkers as well as for beach-bums. All the beaches here give a very different vibe. The ones which are worth visiting and most talked about are Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Paradise Beach and Half Moon Beach.

The shacks at Kudle Beach offer great comfort along with delicious food. The schnitzel at Le Pizzeria Cafe at Kudle is a MUST-HAVE! Kudle attracts a lot of foreigners. There are resorts and small cottages right behind the beach area which makes it convenient and easy-to-reach.

Om Beach is the prettiest of all. Om beach is named so because it is shaped like the auspicious Om symbol. Om beach is the only naturally Om-shaped beach. The Namaste Cafe at Om is famous for its breakfast. You CANNOT return without trying out their chocolate banana pancakes. Well, we had brunch at this cafe and the food totally made our day. The cafe has a very lively atmosphere. You can chill there for hours with a perfect view right ahead of you. Also, getting a tattoo, be it temporary or permanent, at Om Beach, is a BAD idea. Speaking out of experience!

Paradise and Half Moon Beaches are smaller compared to the others. You need to take a boat ride from Om Beach to get there. These beaches are less crowded, so there is more peace. But unfortunately, there are no shacks or cafes to entertain you at Paradise and Half Moon.

Gokarna is your ultimate destination to unwind. The sunrise and sunset points are worth capturing. If you are a beach-bum, foodie, nature-lover and a water baby, then head to Gokarna, it is made just for you!


That Dainty Girl


Kudle Beach



Om Beach


Temple Town


Sunset at Gokarna Beach


View from our room


Shack at Kudle Beach

2015-03-10 08.28.01 1.jpg

Gokarna Beach view from our room


Sunset Point


Namaste Cafe at Om Beach

2015-03-10 08.29.52 1.jpg

Captured on the go


Om Beach


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