Jaggery Water- All you need to beat the heat!


Hey guys,

We really need something to cool us down as the temperatures in the city are soaring and how! So, here’s something that will make you feel a lot better as we head out with the heat ball right above our heads:

Chia Seeds
Mint Leaves

Step 1: Boil jaggery in normal, pot water till it melts completely
Step 2: Cool it for 10-15 minutes
Step 3: Squeeze 3-4 lemon in the boiled jaggery water
Step 4: Let it cool for another half an hour
Step 5: Shake it well before serving
Step 6: Add chia seeds and mint leaves for better taste

Also guys, jaggery water has so many health benefits. It not only works as a terrific cooler in summers, but also, is effective in many other ways.

Jaggery is very good for the body, especially when mixed with water. It brings freshness and has a cooling effect on the body, especially in the scorching Summers!

Following are the major health benefits of jaggery:

  • Aids in digestion and reduces constipation
  • Natural sweetner and good source of nutrients
  • Cleans respiratory tracts, lungs, food pipe, stomach and intestine
  • Provides energy over an extended period of time
  • Palmyra jaggery with water has cooling effect on body during summers


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