Review- Monsoon Menu at Light House Café, Worli

Because a regular menu throughout the year is too mainstream! It was a refreshing change to see Light House Café launch a seasonal menu for their customers. Yes, this pretty café at Worli now has a Monsoon Special menu, which has got everyday items with a twist. No, we are not kidding. When you taste the Pani Puri at Light House, you will know, this is not like the rest.

We went there on a rainy Sunday evening and were in for a pleasant surprise as we tried almost everything that was on their Monsoon Menu list. From the Pani Puri to the Fish Taco Bites, the lip-smacking food totally got us high. What more? Their presentation skills upped our curiosity levels so high that we were in awe of the entire concept throughout the evening. So, here’s what all you can expect to be on their Monsoon Menu:

Pani Puri comprised of puris accompanied with mung, peas, kala moti chana, beet root sweet chutney and tomato flavoured pani. Now that I’ve spoken about the ingredients, you will be stunned at how the dish was presented to us. The tomato flavored pani was served in a shot glass, whereas the puri, filled with all the ingredients was placed on top of it. How to eat: Inject the chutney in the puri with the given injection, eat the puri and drink the water from the shot glass. Not only was it delicious but the whole experience was so much fun. This one is a MUST try!

Before we stuffed all 5 pani puris, as was the portion, in our mouths, we were presented with another chaat, that is, Ragda Patties. Again, it wasn’t your regular Ragda Patties. The dish comprised of spicy mung dal stuffed potato balls served with dry Ragda and mint chutney. It was divine and this one was super filling.

Being hardcore non-vegetarians, we couldn’t wait to devour some chicken dishes from the menu. So, next on our table came Chicken Momos. Sadly, no twist here. Hehe. You can give Momos a miss if you’re looking to try something new and exciting.

Next came Chicken Nihari. It was a Hyderabadi style, hearty warm curried sauce served with chicken drumstick and naan bread. This was my favourite dish on the entire menu. The chicken was soft and simply melted in the mouth. The naan was something I’d never had before and being a Muslim, it’s not easy to like Moghlai dishes everywhere. But the Chicken Nihari at Light House Café gets a ten on ten.

It was now time to try some fish. So, next on our plate was Fish Taco Bites. The dish contained fresh Basa fish marinated in cilantro sauce served with Mexican beans salsa and cilantro mayonnaise on soft tacos. The fish was boneless and soft and went well with the taste of Tacos.

And, we were stuffed by now. But the chef insisted we try their Anda Gadbad which is actually on the Breakfast menu and a MUST-HAVE. Anda Gadbad was omelet stuffed with boiled egg kheema topped with spicy tomato gravy served with bread toast. This dish was so unique and we’re glad we tried it out on the chef’s recommendation.

So, we were wondering what Aniseed Chicken Pin Roll would be like. Hahaha! There was no stopping us!! So, Aniseed Chicken Pin Roll was next on our table! It was grilled chicken stuffed with dry herbed crusted ham, cheese and jalapenos. I think it was the perfect dish to end the evening. It was soft and creamy and superrrr heavy!

Under the cocktail menu, we tried the Grain Grappa and Itsy Bitsy. Once again, presentation of these drinks was so fascinating. The sweet and sour taste of these drinks totally made our evening!

You guys must go and try Light House Café’s Monsoon Menu before the rainy season ends and all you can do is regret later!

Time for some pictures now!!


Pani Puri with a twist


Ragda Patties


The lovely-lit bar



Anda Gadbad


Wall art at Light House Cafe be like…


With my main person


That Dainty Girl



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